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Pheasant Reserve

Merlot grapes and chokecherries blend together to create notes of black cherry, vanilla, pepper, and tobacco.

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Merlot grapes and chokecherries


  • Dry


Room Temperature
(62°F or greater)


The Chinese ring-necked pheasant was introduced here in 1898 and was adopted as the South Dakota state bird in 1943.

That type of cultural synthesis is reflected by this wine.

Sandi has blended wild, native chokecherries with the fruity, European Merlot, and created something that says, “I’m a South Dakotan!” … with a slight French accent.

Pairing Suggestions

Cheese Pairing

Aged or Smoked Gouda, Tillamook Aged Cheddar, Blue Cheese

Food Suggestions

From Our Kitchen: Roast Beef Flat-Grill Sandwich, Buffalo Flat-Grill Sandwich

At Home: Buffalo Steak topped with Blue Cheese Crumbles, Creamy Risotto with Gouda and Mushrooms, or Arugula Salad Topped with Thinly Sliced Steak