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Chokecherry Medley

A blend of chokecherries and elderberries with notes of sweet, brandied dark cherries and fresh elderberries.

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Chokecherry and Elderberry


  • Sweet




When our winemaker’s family moved to Dakota Territory from the Czech Republic in the 1800s, they began applying their knowledge of winemaking to the fruits that grew wild here.

Chokecherries have always been one of the most common fruits on the Plains, so this was probably one of the first wines great-great-grandma Anna made.

Sandi tries to make this wine in the traditional style that is most like the wine her ancestors would have made.



Gold Medal, Florida State Fair International Wine Competition
Gold Medal, Indy International Wine Competition

2 Gold Medals
5 Silver Medals
9 Bronze Medals

Pairing Suggestions

Cheese Pairing

Extra Sharp Cheddar, Double Gloucester

Food Suggestions

At Home: Buffalo Roast, Buffalo or Elk Burgers, Black Forest Cake