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Buffaloberry Fusion

Made with South Dakota buffaloberries, this wine offers notes of grapefruit, honeysuckle, and sugared lemon peel.

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Sauvignon Blanc grapes and South Dakota Buffaloberries


  • Semi-Dry




We were the first winery in the world (that we know of) to commercially produce a buffaloberry wine.

Buffaloberries are native to South Dakota and they’re called buffaloberries because the buffalo used to rub on the thorny bushes in the spring to help shed their winter coats.

The thorny bushes make picking a little more difficult, but we think they’re worth it.



100 Best of the East, Vineyard & Winery Management

4 Silver Medals
5 Bronze Medals

Pairing Suggestions

Cheese Pairing

Pistachio Cream Cheese, Lemon Goat Cheese, Prairie Breeze, Triple Cream Brie

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